How is Title Insurance Calculated in Florida

November 20, 2018


How Is Title Insurance Calculated in Florida

Another common question from buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals are how title insurance is calculated in the state of Florida. Title insurance in Florida is a promulgated rate and is regulated by the Florida Department of Finance.  Title Insurance is a onetime payment generally paid for at closing and is valid for the entire ownership of the insured and is even transferable to their heirs upon their death.  To make it simple, we have online calculators on our website at however for educational purposes, we are going to show you here how the premium table works, and simplify the calculation with an example.

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—As an example, we are going to pretend that we are doing a $450,000.00 transaction in the state of Florida and we need to calculate the owner’s title insurance premium.

We break down the first $100,000 at the rate of $5.75 per one thousand of the $450,000

$100,000 divided by 1000 = 100 times that by $5.75 = $575 (Total for the first $100,00)

—Since we have completed the first $100,000.00 we now need to calculate the insurance rate for the remaining $350,000.

$350,000 divided by 1000= 350 now times that by $5.00 (according to the table above) = $1750.00 (Total for the additional $350,000.00)

—Now add the two totals together to get your owners title insurance premium.

$575. + 1,750. = $2,325.00 Total Premium.

The team you select to represent you is extremely important and can be the difference of thousands of dollars in your pocket.  It is our mission here at Coast to Coast Title & Escrow to educate and inform, while providing you with a professional point of resource.   We hope that you found value in this video and we are available for any further questions at 727.538.4228

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