Placing a Title Order

Coast to Coast Title & Escrow was founded upon two things, Convenience, and Communication. When placing a title request/order we have several options, we are not here to dictate how you place title orders with us, our goal is to simply make the process as efficient as possible for YOU and your Team. Our goal is to save you time.

Here are some ways you can place a title order, please select the best option for you and your team.

1. Email

If you have a secure email ordering system that is automated to your workflow, please send your title request to

2. Encompass Integration

You can order title without ever leaving your LOS. Here is how…

  • In Encompass, open a loan.
  • Click the Services tab, and then click Order Title & Closing.
  • On the Order Title & Closing window, click the Search and Manage tab.
  • Search for Coast to Coast Title & Escrow in Company/Agent Name
  • Click add to my Title Companies

3. Calyx Point Integration

You can order title without ever leaving this LOS. Watch this video and see how EASY and how much TIME you and your processing team can SAVE…

Calyx – HOW TO Order Title

4. Lending Pad Integration

Currently Under Construction

5. Other LOS

See number 7

6. Secure Online Portal

We can give you SECURE and direct access to place all your title requests through our team. With this option you can track real time file status, view file milestones and all file documentation and curative information, and much more. Check out how you can open new files by placing your title requests via our online portal by watching this short video…

CTC Portal – Placing a Title Order

7. Black Knight

Closing Corp Fees (FKA Smart Fees) (FKA Smart GFE) – > See #9

8. Fax

If this works best for YOU, then it works best for US. 727.538.7728

9. Discuss your LOS and a potential integration

If you would like to discuss your LOS and a potential integration, please contact Brandon Livingston @ 727.538.4228

10. National Division


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