Quantum Reverse Title Integration Demonstration

BAYDOCS/REX Integration – CTC Title

LendingPad CTC Title Integration

How to Pull our Title and Recording Fees while utilizing Calyx

How to Order Title through Calyx

How to Pull Title and Recording Fees on LendingQB

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Encompass Users

The below tutorial will explain how mortgage brokers and lending institutions utilizing this platform as an Loan Origination Software may pull our Title and Recording Fees, and Order Title, without ever leaving their system. A TIME SAVING, FREE TOOL OFFERED TO OUR PARTNERS

How to Generate Title and Recording Fees through Encompass

Five EASY steps to place a title order request to CTC Title, directly in Encompass:

  1. In Encompass, open a loan.
  2. Click the Services tab, and then click Order Title & Closing.
  3. On the Order Title & Closing window, click the Search and Manage tab.
  4. Search for Coast-to-Coast Title & Escrow in Company/Agent Name
  5. Click add to my Title Companies

Partner Portal Integration – Tutorial

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